Samsung Gear S3 Gets HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation App

The Gear S3 smartwatch is yet to ship, but Tizen based apps are currently being developed such as the HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation App. Read on for more Inofrmation.
Sep 6, 2016

The Samsung Gear S3 is yet to ship after it was launched, but we are already seeing Tizen-based apps that are designed for the smart wearable. Its not just any app but high profile apps and one of them is the HERE WeGo app developed by German company, HERE. The app offers comprehensive mapping experience whether you are searching for places, planning travel routes by car, on foot and by public transit.

Application-HERE-WeGo-Samsung-Gear-S3-1According to HERE, the HERE WeGo for the Samsung Gear S3 is a standalone application and aside vehicle navigation around towns, cities and other locations, Samsung is planning to include bike navigation to the features as well.

This isn't the first of Samsung's Gear wearable series sporting the HERE WeGo app though. The Gear S and Gear S2 also had the app but the HERE WeGo version for Samsung Gear S3 packs in even more functionality than its predecessor.


According to an engineer at HERE, the previous versions of the app synced with the HERE app for Android to offer directions, but this version doesn't need synchronization. It stands independently on its own and users would probably save up on battery life since they don't need to keep their smartphone synced always.

Additionally, the HERE WeGo app will offer mapping designed to work without hitches on the Gear S3's round face. That's not all, the HERE WEGo for Gear S3 comes with the ability to cache map data for future use and will also be compatible with the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.


Apart from the Bike navigation feature, other features are expected on the navigation app soon. The company is even talking about adding offline navigation soon, something that would be amazing and a potential life saver in extreme situation where there is no data connectivity or Wi-Fi. If you are looking to download the app, you just won't wait for too long, the HERE WeGo app will be available on the Tizen store for both the Gear S2 and Gear S3 in October.

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