Samsung is offering Guarantee against Display Burn-in on its 2016 SUHD Tvs

Sep 15, 2016

Smart TV owners sometimes become heartbroken when their priced gadget's screen starts showing signs of burn-in, an all too common defects among these display type. For those that don't know what TV burn-in is, it is pretty simple to explain. Burn-ins usually occur when a single image, such as an end of broadcast transmission, is displayed on a TV screen for an extended period of time causing it to burn into the panel. Burn-in is most prominent in CRT and plasma screens, which use phosphors to create the image on your TV or monitor. However, it's also possible to cause image persistence on an LCD-based screen, though it's rarer.

Samsung Electronics has now announced that it is providing a lifetime guarantee against screen burn-in, covering all of its 2016 Tizen-powered SUHD Quantum Dot TVs. Though with the high level of technology the Koren giant infused on the 2016 models it is very unlikely for Burn-in to occur on the smart TVs. But if peradventure it does occur, Samsung has said it will replace the smart TV for free.

The offer comes with a condition, though, and that is the TV will only be replaced by Samsung if it was purchased and registered in the United States. SUHD Quantum Dot TV owners in other regions are not that lucky but maybe this warranty will extend to other regions soon. But then, Samsung looks pretty confident that burn-in won't occur, so the offer may just be a marketing ploy.

The Samsung SUHD TV panels feature Quantum Dot Display for better color reproduction and contrast and have support for HDR. The TVs feature the usual Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, and even have support for USB internet modems on the variants shipped to India. The new Tizen based SUHD TVs also double as an IoT hub and talk with other connected appliances in a user’s home giving the users a seamless way to control all devices from one place.

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