Samsung in talks with Russian government to distribute the Z3 to students

Sep 26, 2016

Samsung had recently made another announcement in Russia by partnering with Gazprom to distribute its Tizen handsets to the company's employees. The South korean technology giant are now looking at a new way to increase the Tizen adoption rate in Russia. The target market for the new plan is school students. Samsung are in talks with multiple government agencies to supply the Tizen Z3 smartphone to school students and this was hinted during the Internet of Things forum hosted by Moscow Tizen Association in Russia on the 22nd of September.

While the usage of smartphones by students are generally not encouraged or even banned at most educational institution due to the general belief that smartphone could expose children to potential risk of cyber attacks, inappropriate content, threats, etc Samsung believes that its Tizen OS is secure enough to avoid such risks and help children use their smartphones in the right way. To recall, Samsung's Tizen OS is the only OS to have passed FSTEC and FSB certification in Russia. And hence, Tizen based smartphones are actively being used by government officials and corporates in the country.

The new announcement is just one of the many more partnerships to be announced by Samsung in the upcoming and hence provide a strong anchor for Tizen OS in Russia.

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