Samsung starts distributing Tizen devices to Russia's Gazprom

Sep 16, 2016

We have another Tizen story coming from Russia, where the platform has been doing very well. Tizen based smartphones like the Samsung Z3 are being actively used by Russia's business and corporate sector as well as Government officials. Gazprom, which is Russia's as well as the world's largest Natural Gas company have now come up with a pact with Samsung to use Tizen based smartphones. To understand the kind of scale of this agreement is, it would be helpful to know that Gazprom has a global gas reserve share of 17 percent and 72 percent in Russia. Gazprom is also involved in the Russian Government's diplomatic efforts; distortions of gas prices, and access to pipelines.

San Jin Pak, President of Samsung Electronics was found stating that Tizen's high level of security is one of the major reasons for the wide acceptance of the platform in Russia. Tizen OS has been certified with FSTEC which makes it eligible to meet Russia's security requirements. This portrays the level of confidence Russian government and corporates have with Tizen's security to safeguard confidential details flowing between individuals in the country.

Prior to this, we have reported Russian developers porting a special version of Tizen OS for the Z3 with applications and services that suit Russia's corporate users. Now, the deal with Gazprom could help Samsung further bring more partners onboard to use Tizen devices in their system.

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