Samsung Tizen Store Now Available to Users in Indonesia

Sep 19, 2016

Samsung appears to have opened up the Tizen Store to users from Indonesia with the inclusion of the Regional languages on the app store. Indonesia is yet to get its first Tizen phone, so this may further be an indication that the Tizen-powered Samsung Z2 may be released in Indonesia soon.

Before now, owners of Tizen smartphones in Indonesia, talking about the Z1 and Z3, were not able to access the Tizen Store in the local language but now, there is the Indonesian language available on the Tizen Store. The maps also turn up in Indonesian which however looked like a translated English version. Another striking thing is that the payment platform has been expanded to accommodate users from that region as payments for apps are now accepted in local Indonesian currency. In addition, Samsung Indonesia had organised a competition for app developers in Indonesia which had brought many indigenous apps developed by local app developers to the Tizen Store and those are now accessible.

Recall that the Samsung Z2 received certification from the country's regulatory agency over the weekend after some weeks of testing. The Z2 was also reported to have been manufactured in Samsung's Indonesian factory which the Korean giant commissioned last year to serve the local market. The Tizen Z2 may have found a new port in Indonesia to berth and that may be very soon.

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