A Samsung smartphone carrying the model number SM-Z200F and manufactured in Indonesia has been officially certified today (September 16, 2016) by the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information (DG SDPPI), the local authority under whose purview that falls.

The Samsung Z2 which is known to have the model number SM-Z200F had earlier landed the Indonesian agency on August 22 for evaluation and testing. The status of the Z2 changed yesterday after completion of the testing and was indicated as awaiting approval. However, that approval did drop today.


One spectacular thing about the certification is that it was listed that the Samsung Z2 is locally manufactured in Indonesia. Samsung opened a smartphone assembly plant in Jakarta, Indonesia sometime in February last year to help serve the fast-growing Indonesian market. The plant known locally as PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia (Sein) produces low-cost smartphones for the local market, so it is just apt that the Tizen-powered Z2 with an amazing price tag is manufactured there.

All these are indicators that the Samsung Z2 may like launch anytime soon in Indonesia. to further buttress that point, the Tizen Z2 with model number SM-Z200F / DD (SM-Z200FZKDXID, has been listed in Samsung Indonesia’s official website perhaps in preparation for its looming launch. It is said that the alphabets XID that ends the model number indicates that the device is specifically manufactured to be sold in the Indonesian region. Whenever, the 4G-enabled device launch it is likely to continue the under $100 price tag which had been its hallmark since it was announced last month.