Samsung's Gear 360 Now Works with other smartphones, See how

Sep 14, 2016

Samsung's Gear 360 camera works with just a few high-end Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the same way the Gear VR headset only supports select Samsung smartphones. Seems Samsung placed some sort of restriction of all other smartphone brands, allowing the app to support only some mostly high-end Samsung smartphones. The Korean giant also disabled 4K video filming in the Gear 360 on all devices except the Galaxy S7. But all these are now past, as a new modified version of the Samsung Gear 360 Manager has emerged which opens up the Gear 360 to work with other smartphones.

The Gear 360 Manager is the app used to control the functions of the Gear 360 camera and  it has now been modified by XDA developer Bin4ry. As a result the modified version of the Gear 360 Manager app now allows most Android smartphones running on Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher versions. The developer has also removed on his modified 360 Manager app, the restriction which allowed only the Samsung Galaxy S7 to film in 4K. So, this app isn't only useful to owners of of smartphone brands but also to users of Samsung smartphones other than the Galaxy S7.

It is not a seamless experience on the modified app, though, as there are still a few bugs here and there. One of them is that video from the Gear 360 sometimes come in at a lower quality, stitching takes longer on some phones, and the app experiences intermittent crashes from time to time. But then, these are not enough reasons not to give the app a trial on your non-Samsung smartphone.

Bin4ry's Samsung Gear 360 Manager app comes in two version, one for 2K video dilming and another for 4K. If you need to downlaod the 360 Manager visit XDA developers forum and check out Bin4ry's post from here  for the link to download the app. You'll also need to downlaod Samsung's Accessory Service app which is available in the Play Store.

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