Samsung's JerryScript gets a stable 1.0 version release

Sep 20, 2016

Thanks to its abmitious effort, the JerryScript Engine has been in the news for a while now and Samsung have now started releasing the stable 1.0 version of the Engine primarily meant for the internet of things (IoT). JerryScript is a toned down JavaScript Engine that supports hardware with limited resources in RAM and ROM. The lightweight engine is compatible with microcontrollers sporting RAM as low as 64KB and Flash storage of 200KB.

Jerryscript only has Ubuntu 14.04 (both LXDE and XFCE) as the supporting environment for time being and it utilizes C based API for application integration. It supports ECMAScript 5.1 and has IOT.js ,an Internet of Things framework built on JerryScript. JerryScript currently supports ARMv7 platforms which includes devcies like the RaspberryPi 2(partial support), BeagleBone Black,etc. It also supports Arduino 101, Intel's Edison boards, STM32F429-Discovery, STM32F411-Nucleo. Samsung will be soon be bringing support to its own ARTIK platform as well starting with the ARTIK 1 (MIPS). The widely popular and revolutionary ESP8266 chips also have partial support with JerryScript as of now.

JerryScript isn't the only lightweight Engine that is working with embedded hardware right now. Other engines like Duktape, tiny-js and MuJS, D7, etc are also actively working on bringing Javascript support to embeddable devices. But Samsung's backing here gives a clear edge to JerryScript and help it go mainstream.

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