Tizen SDK is now Tizen Studio - A one click SDK for all Tizen devices

Tizen Studio v1.0, previously knows as Tizen Development Kit - SDK, This new environment allows app app devs to target multiple platforms with one SDK.
Sep 3, 2016

After introducing three new Tizen devices-Samsung Z2,Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic in the span of a week for the consumers, Samsung are now taking a major step in welcoming more developers on to the Tizen platform by releasing the Tizen Studio 1.0. Tizen Studio is the new name to what was previously known as the Tizen SDK. The revamped name is however not just a PR stunt this time and brings in a lot of necessary revisions and improvements on to the development side of Tizen.





The Tizen Studio is a compilation of SDKs of Tizen devices from multiple platforms like the smartwatches, refrigerator, smart TVs and smartphones. Previously, developing for these Tizen devices meant downloading multiple SDKs which made the process cumbersome for developers. Once you have downloaded the Tizen Studio 1.0 package you can choose the platforms and profiles that you will be working on and the application will take care of installing all the necessary emulators, libraries, APIs, etc. The new SDK also breathes an improved UI/UX and the Eclipse IDE has been upgraded to version 4.5.2 Mars. Samsung has even made the certifying process easier for developers with the Tizen studio. An improved search engine has been integrated into the platform along with 50 new sample applications to help devs get started o Tizen.


With the Introduction of the Tizen Studio 1.0, Samsung seems to have got a lot more serious about Tizen and churn more revenue out of the platform in the long run and hence getting developers on-board will play an essential role in it.
You can download the Tizen Studio 1.0 from here.

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2 comments on “Tizen SDK is now Tizen Studio - A one click SDK for all Tizen devices”

  1. available APIs ..2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.4? Still no sign of or communication about Tizen 3.0? By now, Samsung truly deserves a platin vaporware award for this. Why is their "open source group" all but silence about it? The mailing list and bug tracker also don't resemble a lively FOSS project..
    At least wayland is making continuous progress thanks to their involvement.

  2. Better yet, the bloody thing is somewhat incompatible to Debian (and probably other non-Ubuntu-distros). It doesn't install without oracle java >= 8 (so I grab Ubuntu's oracle-java8-installer), and the current 2.4 mobile platform emulator support needs Ubuntu libjpeg-turbo8 which conflicts with Debian's libturbojpeg0 (so I force-install an equivs fake pkg)...
    The install routine creates three files /etc/ /etc/init.d/tizen-vhost-net /etc/sudoers.d/tizen-emulator ignoring package management (good to have etckeeper tracking /etc), and path for openvpn binary seems hardcoded. Then it tells me to "use the latest vendor-provided graphic card driver" instead of nouveau. Deactivating GPU acceleration silences that.
    So lots of interoperatibility glitches there.
    And then finally, a Tizen emulator instance opens up. Interesting to explore, but rather limited in functionality (no app store in the emulator image). Still runs Xorg, on a 3.14.25 kernel. Meh.


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