Tizen Store in Indonesia now supports Iocal currency (IDR)

Sep 21, 2016

The next target market for the launch of the Samsung Z2 is expected to be Indonesia. The Tizen store recently started supporting Indonesian language and also recently the Samsung Z2 had passed certification process in Indonesia. Judging by the pace at which these developments are taking place with respect to Tizen in the country, it seems like we are just a matter of days away from its official unveiling. Samsung have now introduced paid services to the Tizen Store in Indonesia to release paid apps into the country.

tizen-store-app-price-change-local-currency-3 tizen-store-app-price-change-local-currency-2

The prices of applications will be listed in the local currency unit (IDR). The pricing of applications will include the most recent exchange rate starting from September 21st 2016 along with the actual value of the apps. The app pricing can range anywhere between 7,752 IDR (~$0.6) to 2,500,000 IDR (~$190).

Tizen store in Indonesia will accept payments via Credit cards, Debit Cards and even Carrier billing currently supported by Telkomsel. Samsung had also recently organized an app competition in Indonesia to bring more Indie developers on to the Tizen Platform. Now that the Tizen store supports paid applications, this should garner interest among the developer community in Indonesia.

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