Tizen Store to Support More Countries for Samsung Z2 Launch

Tizen Store has updated its language support and shows that the upcoming Tizen Smartphone will be launched in wider markets than before: Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nigeria, Nepal, Kenya, India, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
Sep 19, 2016

The Samsung Z2 has already been succesfully launched in India and South Africa, with indicators showing the Kenya launch will be soon. This is the third Tizen based Smartphone that has been released by Samsung. Previous models were the Z1 which was launched in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and the Z3 which was only distributed in India.

Now, looking at the Tizen Store website, we see that the site itself now supports languages in the following countries and implies these will be the launch markets for the Z2: Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nigeria, Nepal, Kenya, India, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The store has already started accepting payment in some of these countries.


We already knew that the Z2, with its 4G / LTE network and data capabilities, was an Important device for Samsung, and seeing it being potentially distributed to more markets shows that Samsung is serious about Tizen in the Smartphone space. As we have seen in other countries, Samsung is likely to work with partners to bundle the new device with exclusive offers to make it a sweeter deal.

Specific language support is: Sri Lanka (English), South Africa (English), Nigeria (English), Nepal (English), Kenya (English), India (English), India (Gujrati), Ghana (English), Bangladesh (English), Indonesia (Indonesian).

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