Video: How To - Apply a Voucher Code in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store / Gear Manager

Sep 19, 2016

Have you got a Voucher Code that gives you a discount for an app in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store? Well there seems to be quite a few people that have these codes, but do not know how to enter them on the Apps Store App.

Well, here is a "How To" showing you where you need to enter the code and to apply the discount. The instructions are below and also a video at the end showing you everything in full detail. These types of codes are becoming an increasing popular way for companies to get customers interested in their apps, either offering the full 100% off or a certain percentage. Note this procedure is for Android phones at the moment for Gear Smartwatch apps or Watchfaces.


Apply a Voucher Code

  • Launch Samsung Gear Manager
  • Scroll to the bottom and Select Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select More on the top right of the screen
  • Select My Apps
  • Select Benefits
  • Select Register Gift Card or Coupon
  • Select Confirm
  • Press on the back button twice to return to the Main Samsung Galaxy Apps screen
  • Select Search from the Top of the screen
  • Enter the name of the app you want to install and select it
  • Select the price Indicating you want to purchase it
  • Enter your Samsung password if required
  • On the purchase screen you should be able to select the discount
  • Select apply for the discount
  • Select "When you buy ...."

Now you should have the app downloaded and Installed. If these steps are a little confusing then please check out the video below, and hopefully it will show you it is not as painful as it first might seem.


Have you had any problems applying discount codes? Let us know in the comments section below.


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