App development company TouchOne has revealed that its TouchOne keyboard typing solution will be released for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch soon. The news also includes that the touchOne keyboard app would be compatible with both the Gear S2 and the recently unveiled Gear S3 smartwatches.

This disclosure was done via a YouTube video which demonstrated just how the TouchOne keyboard would work on the Tizen-powered Gear S2’s round face. It promises to bring ease to inputing texts on the cool smartwatch’s interface.

The TouchOne keyboard was first released in April of this year and had been available on Android wear but it is hitting the Tizen wearables for the first time and the Gear S2 will be the first device to get it. Even though it is compatible with the Gear S3, it is not clear when the a custom TouchOne app would roll out for the new wearable, but according to one official tweet we could be looking at early November.

The TouchOne keyboard is expected to become available on the Gear S2 with the next two weeks. Meanwhile you can watch a demo of the TouchOne keyboard running on the Gear S2 from below: