App: English Hindi Dictionary for Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3

Oct 14, 2016

Guest post by Joydeb Rana.

A new Dictionary app named "English Hindi Dictionary" is now available for you to download from the Tizen store, it is an offline english to hindi dictionary. The app, Offline English Dictionary, has been added by a seller by the name of Stardict.

This happens to be a very easy app to use application and is something that Tizen Experts readers have been requesting lately. Users must get all the definitions in hindi if they able to understand the hindi language. Users also get a suggestion that which type of words you searched for ie noun, adjective, verb etc. They also able to see the search history, so its easy to lookup previous searches. The app works in offline mode so users do not require internet connection in order to access the dictionary.

App features:

  • Totally offline
  • Predictions of keyboard
  • Search History


App screenshots:


This Dictionary app is available in the Tizen store for all current Tizen smartphones ie Samsung Z1 / Z2 and Z3. The app is fairly small and measures about 6MB in store. The app developers who created this bit of software promise that new features are coming soon.

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