App: Smart Tutor Released by Samsung for Tizen Smartphones

Smart Tutor has been released for the Tizen platform and is available to download from the Tizen Store right now. Get help from Samsung Customer Care.
Oct 17, 2016

A new app named Smart Tutor has been released by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and is available right now from the Tizen Store. Using the app you are able to contact Samsung customer care about your device support needs. It's an easy, quick and safe technical support application and a good consulting tool for Samsung smartphones. You can get help from Samsung Customer Care for solve your device's technical issues. It can be used to diagnose your device remotely in order to optimize device performance and give functional advice.

You have to call the Samsung customer care for a CODE. You can't use the app or get help from Samsung Customer Care without this CODE. Once it connected, a tech experts control your device remotely to fix technical issues and optimize your device's performance.

How to use "Smart Tutor"

  • Download the "Smart Tutor" from Tizen Store and install on your Tizen device.
  • Make a phone call to the Samsung Contact center. After agreeing "Terms and Conditions", the phone number of contact center will be displayed as it is depending on your country.
  • Enter the 6 digits connection code given by a tech expert.
  • Once connected, a tech expert will diagnose your mobile.
  • If you want to terminate "Smart Tutor", please tap "Disconnect" menu.


You need to a good 3G/4G connection or a Wi-Fi connection. Tizen 2.4 version mostly needed.
App Interface


At first this app was released for Samsung Android devices, but now Samsung have released it for all Samsung smartphones including the Tizen Operating System (OS). Available on all Tizen smartphones. You can download this app from Tizen Store and it is 1.22MB.


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