App: ASMR Sounds by Dreamroad Production is available on Tizen Store

Tizen App seller Vitor Figueredo from Dreamroad Production has added 3 new apps to the Tizen Store to get you back to the sounds of nature.
Oct 24, 2016

Do you love nature and hate your noise pollution filled town ? Do you feel you are losing touch with what we call real nature? Is this a troubling situation for you? Not to worry as an app seller, Vitor Figueredo from Dreamroad Production, who is new to the Tizen Store has added 3 new apps which will take back to nature and far away from the hussle of modern living.

The apps are:-

  • ASMR Rain Relaxing Sounds:
    • List of sounds which all are rainfall sound related.
  • ASMR Forest Relaxing Sounds:
    • List of sounds which all are forest sound related.
    • ASMR Beach Relaxing Sounds:
      • List of sounds which all are sea-beach sound related.

You can use these apps during your the bus journey, train journey, metro journey and anywhere if you want to closer with nature. One prerequisite is that use your earphones when using these apps. All apps are available for all Tizen smartphones and the download size is about 12MB.


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