Game: Call of Duty Now Released in the Tizen Store

Oct 14, 2016

Guest post by Joydeb Rana.

Call of Duty, created by Turbo Work and is one of the most popular action games for almost all gaming platforms including the humble desktop, Is now available in the Tizen store. The game has been created with the Unity development environment in which Tizen is a target platform.

This is a total shooting game where war is waged between commandos and terrorists. You must use all of your special shooting skills to survive the onslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers. Terrorists travel to your location here and there with their rifles. You've to kill them with your  assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade, med kits, armour and many more. 

Three countries are available for playing ie. Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. You have many different type of missions ie In a Mosque, City, Village etc. You have to complete a total 48 missions in order to complete the whole game.

Game Story

In the night of September 3, 2018 Terrorism State attacks to New York at Liberty Enlightening the World and beginning war with USA. President of USA signs the declaration of war against Terrorism State on September 8, 2018. The Pentagon send 120,000 commandos to fight Terrorism State in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and South East Asia.


Use joystick to control commando runs around map. Use lighter to attention to the enemy. Only fire when necessary because enemies can find you. When one or more enemies die you can use smoke item to hide them and get bonus items. When you killed all terrorists in mission you must go to helicopter to finish mission. 

Game Features

  • Upgrade item as rifles
  • Free control 
  • 3D character view
  • 3 different mode attack
  • A big map with 48 different missions 


Game Screenshots


Enjoy the new action packed shooting game on your Tizen smartphone . Available in the tizen store and is a 88.95MB Download for the Samsung Z1 , Z2, and Z3 .

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