New details revealed about future Samsung QLED TVs

Andrea Rovai
Oct 21, 2016

Samsung has unveiled the latest details of his stunning, next-generation TV. Named SUHD Qualmark Red TV, it's based on the proprietary technology Samsung has pioneered: QLED, long for Quantum dot Light-Emitting Diode.

According to sources from Samsung Electronics, the product will cover the high-end spectrum of the market, proposing itself as the top premium TV produced by the South Korean company. This move, which confirms Samsung's continuos attention to innovation, proves the drive of the enterprise on delivering the highest quality products with consistency while maintaining a strong focus on research and development.

The QLED TV exploits a backlight unit (BLU) as LCD TV, providing the amazing definition of quantum dot colors to the viewers, leveraging semiconductor nanocrystals. Similar to OLED, QLED will answers the increasing demand for energy-efficiency, especially in the industrial sector, since it will emit light only when necessary: on demand. At date Quantum dots are only used as filters for light from LEDs to backlit LCDs, not as actual displays.

QLED will be able to drive also large, flexible displays and, in Samsung's expectation, will stand the test of time, showing way more resilience than OLEDs despite intensive usage. On this basis, such a technology advancement would be ideal for flat-panel TV screens as well as mobile phones, digital cameras and gaming devices. Considering the company's interest for VR, there's room for a hypothesis of seeing QLED in yet to be released Samsung VR devices too.

As far as we know, the third-generation of QLED TV will make its first public apparition at CES next year. But even if this news will make your mouth water, given the ongoing research in the field, most likey you'll have to wait a few years before being able to watch Narcos on a quantum dot TV in your living room.


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