Samsung Gear S3 LTE variant to come with Facebook Messenger

An Image has surfaced showing the Facebook Messenger app running on the Gear S3 LTE. Apparently launching first in Malaysia and then on to other markets
Oct 18, 2016

We have seen a steady Increase of apps for Tizen devices over the last few months for both smartphones and smartwatches. Today, it seems there is evidence that their might be a Facebook Messenger app for the Gear S3 on the horizon, launching at the same time.

An image has surfaced that shows the Facebook Messenger app running on the LTE variant of the Gear S3. This app perfectly compliments the expanding Samsung Smartwatch portfolio of high profile apps like Twitter, Uber, HERE Maps, Spotify, Glympse, Yelp, and others. Apparently the app will first launch in Malaysia and will allow communication with your facebook friends for FREE. This would suggest a deal has been made with the relevant carriers so that they could distinguish Facebook Messenger data and not charge for it.


There is no Information at present as to when this app will come to other markets, besides Malaysia, but we won't imagine it would take too long after the S3 launch. Keep following Team Tizen for all the Tizen news.

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2 comments on “Samsung Gear S3 LTE variant to come with Facebook Messenger”

  1. There is no LTE variant in the UK. I am very annoyed about this. Also nobody has been able to tell me if you can still make calls through Wifi and use the facebook messenger etc?

  2. Hi, why on samsung official web and all webs wich give information about this product says that all Gear s3 frontier versions include LTE? Lot of people is buying thisproduct thinking its LTE and isnt. I think Samsung is scamming his costumers. Look samsung UK official web:


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