Game: Horror Hospital for Samsung Z1, Z2 & Z3

Oct 14, 2016

Guest post by Joydeb Rana:

Where are the brave people? Are you ready to risk your life? Are you ready to face your fears? If you're ready then lets get started because Hakan Ince has added a popular horror game to the Tizen Store. "Horror Hospital 3D" is made by Heisen Games. It is possibly the first 3D horror game to make its way to the Tizen store.

The story

Your friends are in a hospital corridor which they can't leave. You have to save your friends from this hospital which is filled with ghosts. This is a dark environment that you can only find your way using your cellphone light. Ghosts may appear at anytime, anywhere, and can scare you with anything. Playing the game you are constantly feeling fearful and death in every step you take. First you need to find the hidden key that enables you to enter the hospital.

Game features:

  • Extraordinary atmosphere
  • Nervous scenario
  • Amazing graphics
  • Detailed areas
  • Unique musics

This game is only for hard nerves and recommended for teenagers to play at night with your headset.

Game screenshots


Enjoy this new horror game and test your nerves of steel. Horror Hospital is available for all Tizen powered smartphones such as Samsung Z1, Z2 & Z3. Available to download from Tizen Store and is 39.95MB.

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