Game: Mad O Ball 3D for Tizen Smartphones

Oct 15, 2016

Guest post by Joydeb Rana

A new addition to the Tizen Store is the Mad O Ball 3D game which is available to download for FREE only for the next 2 months. This is an exciting arcade action game in which you race ball against time. Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music and sound effects and superb physics are the winning combination for this title.

Be steady and stay balanced. Control the ball with accelerometer and touchscreen. 16 different levels available with many different tricks and obstacles, 8 east and 8 west, north and south are not available at the moment. Drive your ball smoothly along the narrow path. You can challenge your friends to play this game.

Game Features:

  • 16 challenging tracks
  • 2 beautiful worlds: east and west. North and south coming soon
  • Superb real-time physics
  • Get pass the levels with different racing styles.
  • Several physics based obstacles: foe-ball, parking lot, high jump, miles and more.
  • Bonus to improve your race time
  • Rechargeable hydrogen nitro boost to crazy shortcut
  • Different types of balls: basketball, pinball , golfball and many more
  • Accelerometer and touch screen controls - Vibration bounce feedback
  • Accelerated 3rd generation OGL ES 2.0 graphic
  • Original music and funny sound effects


Game Instructions:

  • Movement: tilt gently the device in the 4 directions to guide the ball.
    Jump: make the ball jump by touching anywhere the screen, beware of bounces, when ball is in air, it won't jump easily!
  • Calibration: touch gently the top right corner with the device flat, or in comfortable position
  • Hydrogen: you have a limited boost for each course, press the bottom left corner button to boost the speed.

Game screenshots


Enjoy the new racing game on your Tizen smartphone. Available in the Tizen store for download on the Samsung Z1, Z3, and the latest released Z2. Game size is about 47MB and it only supports the English language.

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