Game: War Thunder for Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3

Oct 18, 2016

More action games come rolling in as War Thunder is released on the Tizen Store for Tizen smartphones. This is a Unity game that has been released for the Tizen platform. The game is brought to you by Pham Dinh, the same person that brought you Action Strike, Zombie RebornCall of Duty , and Danger Run.

In this game you become a shooter pilot flying your very own jet fighter in this new 3D game. You get to sit in a F-35 Jet Plane and attack enemies and also fend off their Jet Planes and Helicopters as they try to kill you. Drop your bombs and fire your bullets to eradicate all those in your path. There are 20 different levels available for your playing enjoyment and you get only one jet to complete all missions.


Game Features

  • Simulation drive F-35 really
  • Multiple enemy as Jet and Helicopter attack
  • Very easy to control fighter
  • 3D graphic is very beautiful
  • Good sound system


Game Screenshots


Available in tizen store for download on Samsung Z1 , Z3 & Z2 . Game size is about 24 mb in the Tizen store.

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