Game: Wheels on Farm for Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3 Available in Tizen Store

Oct 11, 2016

WheelsOnFarm is a puzzle game with funny characters. In a 2D world with physics simulation you will drive a car and face a variety of challenges: puzzles, race against computer, deliver fruits and lumber...
This game will challenge your mind!

Game story:

Joe has a busy life in the countryside. Everyday he wakes up early, drinks his coffee and go out to complete his tasks. He spends the whole day up and down helping the neighbors, carrying firewood, fruits and whatever is necessary, through dangerous and fun ways. Oh yeah! For this boy the normal roads would be too boring! And the off-road, left by his grandfather, would be an amazing adventure.

Start your journey ,go to your destination by driving perfectly and go to the next missions. Collect the stars on your way and increase your points. Enjoy your adventure.


Game features

  • 2 players module
  • Logical challenges
  • 2D
  • Physic Simulation
  • Funny characters


What make this game different from others.

  • Coop with the computer: sometimes you will have to cooperate with the computer/player to finish a task


  • 2D with light effects


  • A module for 2 players in the same device ((innovation.)
  • Just place the device on a table and call a friend to play in front in coop. There is a VS level too.
  • There are 5 co-op levels, and this versus



  • And the physics simulation puts you in really funny (or embarrassing) situations!! 😀


Available in tizen store for download on Samsung Z1 , Z3 & Z2 . Game size is about 31.55 mb in the Tizen store .



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