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Andrea Rovai
Oct 30, 2016

There's always a great talk about development boards for rapid prototyping, but how many of them may claim to offer a 360° support to their adopters?

ARTIK is one of those.

What we are speaking of today is nothing but another piece of ARTIK's great mosaic towards broader accessibility and guidance for its users, a strategy I called Board-as-a-Service. When you are creating a new product time-to-market is everything, and whatever speeds up your build-measure-learn cycle it's a welcome addition to the buffet. You want to move fast and break things, quoting a young Zuckerberg.

But "Smart Business: Gaining an Edge Through IoT-Powered Sustainability" is not a book for IoT developers.

With this new book, compliments of SAMSUNG ARTIK and published by O'Reilly Media, Darren Beck walk us through the vast landscape of opportunities that may already be unlocked through IoT.

From energy saving in illumination, HVAC and smart energy management, to fuel saving, to wise water storage and optimization for irrigation, this book it's all about how to gain an edge over competitors by going IoT.

It's first and foremost a book of vision.

A vision of the future with much more possibilities, where work becomes automation and processes are governed by IoT data-driven algorithms, a future where people and, ultimately, businesses, can have a more powerful impact for the better.

Download the book. It's free and it's only 79 pages of high quality and insights.

About the Author

Darren Beck is a professional with 25 years of business development, tech, sustainability and strategy on his back.

He works as Director of Environmental Initiatives at Sprint, that he helps reduce environmental impact while enhancing the company’s reputation and its bottom line.

Also, he is a writer for O'Reilly Media, writing mostly about the tie between green practices and IoT.

Darren is also an Advisory Board Member for DaVinci Global.


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