Samsung Z2 in Indonesia comes Preinstalled with Line Messenger

Popular Line messenger app that allows messaging, voice and video calls now comes preinstalled on the Samsung Z2 in Indonesia and offers full features.
Oct 2, 2016

The rumours about the Line Messenger app coming to the Tizen Store have been a bit hit and miss over the years. The news first came in as early as 2013 and then again in 2015, but unfortunately nothing transpired. Now it looks like the Samsung Z2 Smartphone that is retailing in Indonesia comes with the app pre-installed, under firmware Z200FDDU0API2 / Tizen



The messaging app was developed in Japan and currently has over 220 million monthly active users, so this is not an application that is un-heard of and is ranked among the ten most successful mobile messenger apps in the world. It is the second most successful app of its kind in the Asian market, after WeChat which is already available to Tizen smartphones.

Line Messenger users are able to exchange text, photo, video and audio messages. It is one of the few apps that lets you perform free Voice over IP (VoIP) calls as well as video conferences. You can play games and also offers a type of social network, that is some ways is similar to facebook, as you have a timeline to post status updates and a sticker store, where users can create and sell their own LINE chat stickers.



There is currently no news on when this app will be available for other Samsung Tizen smartphones, but it would make sense that it is released as part of a future firmware upgrade, as these devices have not had Tizen released for them yet and it would be an excellent entery point for this app.

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One comment on “Samsung Z2 in Indonesia comes Preinstalled with Line Messenger”

  1. I hope this will be better managed than the WeChat fiasco: is installed on Z3 only. The question is: will we see WeChat on Z2 ? Probably not...


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