Tizen DevLab Coming to Bangalore India - 4 November 2016

Tizen DevLab coming to Bangalore India - 4 November 2016.Create Mobile Apps for the Tizen OS using Native C/EFL/C++ & Web App Development (HTML5) frameworks
Oct 28, 2016


Tizen DevLab 2016 Bangalore India

If you're Interested in developing Mobile Apps for the Tizen Operating System then we've got something special for you. A Tizen DevLab is taking place In Bangalore, India, on the 4th November and this is the perfect place for you to gain the required knowledge and skills to bring your Tizen apps to life. It doesn't matter if you are a new developer or a professional, there is something for everyone.

Learn about your first step you need such as setting up the Tizen SDK before moving on to more advanced topics like UX design. The Tizen Devlab will feature technical content along with hands on sessions for Native Framework (C/EFL/C++) and Web App Development (HTML5) to help you create apps using the Tizen Platform. There will also be a session on UX design giving you good design tips.

Discover more about the Operating Systems Architecture, Tizen ecosystem, and the amount of smart devices it covers, including smartphones, smartwatches, Smart TVs and many other CE devices.

Unity game developers will also gain the knowledge they need to port their unity games to Tizen. You will learn about essential things to know like the Tizen Store and what the Remote Test Lab (RTL) actually is. Samsung Team members will be on hand to answer your questions and give you expert guidance.

If that is not enough, you will also be given a sneak preview of the new enhancements and upcoming features that are coming in the Tizen platform. Do you need more of reason to attend? Well you could win exciting Samsung/Tizen gadgets during the course of the event.

A member of the Tizen Experts team will also be attending so let us know if you would like to meet 🙂

Event Details

Location: Bangalore Royal Orchid Hotel. See more.
Date: 04 November
Time: 09:30am, doors open earlier.




FRI 04
9:30-10:00am Topic: Setup & Support Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Pre-Session Setup & Support
Description: Support to install Tizen SDK, Make IDE Up and running
Session Take Aways: Tizen SDK installation
Speaker: Samsung Team
10:00-10:30am Topic: Introduction To Tizen Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Tech Talk
Description: What is Tizen, Multi Profiles, Tizen Eco System
Session Take Aways: Understanding Tizen ecosystem
Speaker: Ashish Kumar
10:30-11:00am Topic: Tizen SDK & IDE, Web API & Device API Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Tech Talk , Demo & Hands-On
Description:Architecture, Brief overview of Web and Native APIs. A brief tour through usage of SDK, Emulator, Target and other Tools, Sample Hello World Program.
Session Take Aways: Tizen IDE hands-on, A Hello World
Speaker:Madhavi Akella
11:00am-12:30pm Topic: Web App Development (HTML5) Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Hands-OnTizen IDE & Emulator, SDK Samples
Description:Theme - Multimedia & Location
Hands On -
System Setting APIs ,
Retrieve Location information,
Fetching local & remote content
Session Take Aways: 3 hands-on exercises using Tizen Web APIs
Speaker: Anvesh Myla
01:30-02:30pm Topic:Tizen Native Framework (C/EFL/C++) Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Hands-OnTizen IDE & Emulator, SDK Samples
Description: Brief of Tizen Native framework APIs Hands On- A Hello world , Simple native application
Session Take Aways: 1 Hands-on exercise using Tizen Native APIs
Speaker: Coming Soon
2:30-3:00pm Topic: Porting Unity games into Tizen Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Hands-OnTizen Unity SDK, & Emulator
Description: Unity app porting on Tizen. Dos & Don'ts.Demo - Take a sample and port it LIVE
Session Take Aways: 1 Hands-on exercise using Tizen Unity SDK
Speaker: Sreedeep Moulik/Anvesh Myla
3:00-3:45pm Topic: UX design Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Tech Talk
Description: Good UX design, Tips & Techniques
Session Take Aways: Tips & Techniques of good UX
Speaker: Coming Soon
3:45-4:00pm Topic: Tizen Store & RTL Nature Of Session/Required Setup: Tech Talk
Description: Store validation and Certification, A brief about RTL
Session Take Aways: Tizen store operational model
Speaker: Madhavi Akella
Q&A, Networking



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