According to a korean report, Samsung are said to be slowing down some of their future projects due to the battery issues encountered by the Note 7. This knock on effect was due to the fact that some of these projects would potentially make use of Cloud and iris recognition technologies that the Note 7 was to come Integrated with. Also Billions of lost dollars in revenue has made the tech giant rethink its approach to future tech.

We are currently waiting for the next Tizen smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3, to be released and it seems that there are many tech websites that are reporting the apparent delay of the device. Their assumptions are based on the same korean report that I mentioned above which was published two weeks ago and looking through it it does not suggest anything about a delay!

Today, we have spoken to our Samsung Insiders and the Gear S3 seems to be on-schedule for a November release with different on on sale dates to various markets. Unfortunately we couldn’t get them to drill down to specific date at the moment, but we will get you this Information as soon as possible.

Initially Samsung did have plans to launch both the Note 7 and Gear S3 at the same time, capitalising on the media frenzy it would create, and possibly bundling them together as a special promotion which obviously is not going to happen now.

Only a few more weeks to wait. Keep following Team Tizen for all the latest Gear S3 developments.