Samsung Gear S3 on sale in mid-November - but you can already pre-order it

Andrea Rovai
Oct 20, 2016

The next Tizen-powered smartwatch, that so far was to be released in, broadly speaking, Q4, 2016, has finally found its shipping date: November. Mid-november, to be precise. According to the declaration by a Samsung spokeperson and reported by The Korea Times about Samsung Gear S3, there's no more uncertainty about this.

The exact date hasn't been announced yet: Samsung means to keep it secret until the very day of the launch. Anyway, if you want to place your bet with the Canadian BestBuy, they're estimating November 18 - and yes, you can already pre-order it.

Interestingly, Samsung Netherlands previously claimed that the shipping would have started on November 4.

While probably these two dates just refer to different launch dates in different countries (since we're speaking of two separate markets), as always with the hottest things in tech, we will have to wait until the very end to be sure.

Initial markets are reportedly South Korea, Canada and United States, plus some major European countries - even if we don't know yet which European country will have the chance to buy the so much discussed wearable device for first. Notably, the schedule for shipping to China is different. "In China, the timepiece will be launched later", says a Samsung spokeperson.

But at least we do know something about the pricetag. In Canada, classic and frontier models both are priced at CAD 469.99, while in Europe the price will be €399.99, roughly $436.

From what we have seen last August at IFA 2016 we're speaking of a Bluetooth-only smartwatch (meaning that you're expected to use it paired with your mobile phone) as well as a version that may work even without being paired. Both will be high-end wearables, featuring 1.3" Super AMOLED displays, 4GB storage, Samsung Pay, GPS and much more.

We'll give you more info in case we hear any news.

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