Samsung’s SmartThings-compatible appliances coming next month

Oct 11, 2016

Samsung Electronics has today announced that it would be releasing its SmartThings-enabled kitchen appliances next month. The tech giant in its drive to expand its portfolio of Smart kitchen appliances would release a new line of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled cooktops, wall ovens and range hoods. The products are touted to come with compatibility with the SmartThings Hub which is meant to bring together all connected appliances like security cameras and plugs on to one platform.

Taking a looks at the products' features, the new connected appliances from Samsung include double and single wall ovens, induction, gas and electric cooktops and a range of hoods. Also, the expected kitchen hoods uses Bluetooth to automatically sync with the new cooktops which would ensure that the hood's lights and fans would be automatically turned on when someone starts cooking.

These appliances won't come in cheap, though, because we have also got wind of the expected price tags of the devices. The cooktops come in at $1,100 while the double wall oven carries a $4,000 price tag. These Smart kitchen gadgets would join forces with the already unveiled Family Hub refrigerator with its massive 21.5-inch touchscreen display and set of applications that lets users order groceries and kitchen needs. The Family Hub refrigerator is priced at $5600.

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