We previously reported on the TouchOne Keyboard and the fact that it was scheduled as coming soon to the Tizen Store. The good news is that TouchOne have released the BETA version of the app over the weekend to enthusiastic users, as part of a closed BETA, and they are currently testing it and helping the company get any last minute bugs resolved in the app.

In early April this year the TouchOne Keyboard was initially launched on the Android platform and now it is great to see it making the jump to our Tizen platform. Although the app is listed as being compatible with the Gear S2 there is no reason that it will not work with the Gear S3, and the company foresee a rollout for the new device in early November. However, it has been confirmed to Tizen Experts that the app will be released on the 11th Oct (tomorrow) for the S2, so not long to go now 😉

You can check out the demo video below to see how it works.