BALR Edition of the Samsung Gear S3 coming to the Netherlands, download watchface now!

BALR in collaboration with Samsung have created a Gear S3 watch face, BALR watch strap, and BALR braided bracelet to launch in the Netherlands.
Nov 30, 2016

Samsung have previously announced their partnership with a company called BALR, who are a luxury lifestyle brand, have created a special edition BALR Gear S3 watch face, BALR watch strap, and BALR braided bracelet just before the Gear S3 was released in the Netherlands.

The first collaboration between these two companies was on the Gear S3's predecessor, the Gear S2, and that must have been good because now they've done it again.

The watch itself is the same S3 that we use to easily make calls, use the bezel to navigate around the screen, apps and check messages from your wrist. This is the classic luxury watch with the possibility of personalising it further.

The BALR Gear S3 will be available from 2nd December in Netherlands, in three different models. The Frontier / Classic at the RRP € 399 and the BALR € 499 - including BALR leather watch band and BALR Braided Bracelet worth € 125.


samsung-gear-s3-balr-1 samsung-gear-s3-balr


If you like the watch faces then they are available in Galaxy Apps store for free to download right now.

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