Basketball 3D Game for Tizen Smartphones

Nov 29, 2016

Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd have added another game to the Tizen Store named Basketball 3D. I think there is no need to put what Basketball is and how to play it. Dumadu Games have also made the games Pool 3D, Pocket Bowling 3D HD, Impossible Escape 3D and Tennis Pro 3D.
There are 3 different modes available for this game:

  1. Time Attack
    • You've to basket maximum balls as you can in a minute, when the timer hits zero, a buzzer like sound will play and the screen will say 'TIMES UP.'
  2. Sudden Death
    • You've to basket maximum balls as you can with 10 lives. Every time you attempt to shoot but miss, you will lose 1 life. If you shoot well (and get the ball in the hoop) the multiplier digits will increase by one, when you get points, the points will be multiplied by the multiplier number.
  3. Challenge
    • You are given a target score and an amount of time, you will need to try to score your target in the time limit to go onto the next stage.


After playing a particular game you get the chance to earn gold, which you can use to buy balls and enable different environments. More fun!





This game is all current Tizen smartphones such as the Samsung Z1, Z2, and Z3 with a download size of 19.8MB. Get downloading and get playing to see all the action.

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