Game: Daruma-San is Coming, Japanese horror Game is available for Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3

Nov 6, 2016

Hi-Clay Studio brings you a Japanese horror game called Daruma-San is Coming, minions of "Daruma doll", the master of all minions, are used to bring destruction. You start on a street where Daruma Doll's minion is waiting for you and 5 other AI characters. After 'go' you need to tap the left and right feet consecutively until the minion finishes his sentence 'Daruma-San is coming!' By the time he has finished speaking he will immediately turn around, you will need to watch his speech bubble very carefully to know your timing. If you move whilst the minion is watching, you will EXPLODE!!!


Game features include:

  • A short scary comic showing how "Daruma-san is Coming!" invades earth
  • 6 cool characters to choose
  • Anime style arts (if you are an otaku, you're going to love this free game)
  • Full voiced (every time daruma wipeout someone it will laugh)

Can you really break the prison in this battle, and escape from this mad day? will you be the fastest and blossom as the winner? Or will you break and die in vain? Will u become the hunter or the hunted?

This game is available in the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3 to download for free, the game size is  21.29MB and is for age 18+ only.



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