Game: Super Truck Parking is Available in Tizen Store

Nov 26, 2016

Super Truck Parking is a game created by Black Cobra Studios Ltd and run on all Tizen smartphones such as the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3. This game is about parking your trucks and passing your lessons / the ultimate test. You need to go through your lessons (try to do well on each of them) to come to what is called the ultimate test, yes, your driving test, the test that will finish it all! You have to navigate your way across the city, starting from the Greenhorn Driver Only Backyard Zone and then travel across the city to the Warehouse Noob Transport Truck Driver zone and complete the ultimate parking simulation with The Circuit Only for Real Truck Driver Load Zone.

There are 5 trucks to drive

    • Enjoy the ride with LITTLE SALLY lorry
    • Feel the speed with MIZ BERTHA semi truck
    • Thrilling drive with heavy duty BIG MAMA MADNESS super truck
  • Pass each driving test more easily with deluxe MEAN MARY MACHINE super truck, the better the truck the easier it'll become to pass the lessons and maybe the ultimate test.

Big Semi Lorry Parking School has everything a car parking simulator needs to have!

  • 5 detailed heavy duty trucks to choose from based on semi trucks and super trucks from Europe and USA.
  • 3 challenging difficulties: from noob to expert trucker
  • 48 engrossing large levels which will test you
  • Easy to play but tough to master. Skills most definitely required!
  • Real world physics.
  • Precision touch operated vehicle controls to pass each lesson including steering wheel, accelerate, reverse and brake pedals allowing for smooth turning on the spot and Parallel parking
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Social network integration.
  • Star rating system for lorry drivers with skills who are able to pass each driving test
  • Great music and sounds.
  • Intuitive gameplay, simple user interface

Enjoy this game, New bus, cargo and transporter games coming soon!


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