Gear Manager for iOS Leaked, Works with Gear S3 and iPhone 7 +

Leaked version of the Samsung Gear Manager iOS app for the Gear S3 and S2 to work with iPhone has made its way onto the Internet via the Tizen Cafe website.
Nov 21, 2016

A leaked version of the Samsung Gear Manager iOS app for the Gear S3 and S2 to work with iPhone has made its way onto the Internet via Tizen Cafe website. Samsung recently signed up testers for its iOS beta program of the Gear Manager app to the general public. Users that were accepted into the closed beta will be able to connect their iPhones (5 and newer on iOS 8.4) with Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch and the Gear Fit 2. The beta program has however come to an end now.

No timescales have been announced as to when the official Gear Manager iOS app will be released, but in the meanwhile users who like to tinker around can use this leaked version to get by. We can not guarantee its authenticity or if it's safe to use, but lots of XDA members have been Installing it.



  • Download Gear Manager from Here
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Double-click on the beta file(*.ipa) which launches iTunes
  • Sync iPhone
  • Choose App ("Gear S3") and install on iPhone
  • Go to iphone settings > general > device management and trust the Samsung certificate
  • Factory reset Gear S2 or Gear S3
  • Switch On Bluetooth
  • Pair Gear S2 / S3 inside iPhone beta Gear Manager app

Your ready to go!

This is a beta leak so it is expected to be buggy. Some users have found that only a limited amount of watchfaces and apps that can be Installed. Also if you want to re-enter the store or sync your smartwatch again you need to kill the app and then reload it.




We have previously seen the Gear Manager beta running on a iOS device and you will be able to receive notifications from Whatsapp, Twitter, etc on your watch from the S2 / S3. Samsung’s S-health services are are working on iOS as well as the iPhone’s calendar. You will also be able to set your photos as your watchfaces background.

Check out this post for the first look on the Gear Manager for iPhone. Thanks to XDA member jordanlah for Install instructions.

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42 comments on “Gear Manager for iOS Leaked, Works with Gear S3 and iPhone 7 +”

  1. damnnnnnnn I sold mine last week because I lost all hopes that Samsung would release the Gear app for iPhone. Having an iPhone 7 the old leaked app got me the "Emulator not supported" error.

  2. Iphone: 7Plus
    Provider: T-mo
    Purchased: 11/1/2016
    Loc: Orlando, FL

    Watch: Samsung Gear 3(Frontier)
    Tizen Os:
    Purchased: 11/22/2016
    Loc: Orlando, FL

    Like many others i have been following the progress with Samsung Gear app and IOS. So the minute they released it, i had to try.

    Right out the box (Actually in the T-Mo store) i was able to sync my new Gear 3 using the Samsung Gear Manager iOS app to my Iphone 7 Plus without any issues. I had ability to view and adjust S Heath, Notification, App Layouts, Send Images to my gear, Settings, and Samsung Galaxy App. Having both the Gear 1 and Gear 2 watches i noticed the option for Watch Face and Send Content To Gear (Music, etc...) was missing from the Gear Manager options.

    Many articles including this one states to expect this beta leak to be a tad bit buggy, and that it is. One issue i have found was the inability to download some Samsung Apps. When attempting to download (Ex S Health, Theta S Remote for Gear S2/S3) it will go through the normal install process, but not actually install the app onto my Iphone 7 Plus. This issue can be caused by many reasons, but i believe its because it crosses the Samsung/Iphone proprietary software lines. Good news is the apps do appear on my Gear 3, but with limited functionality.

    A second issue I have noticed is once selecting the Samsung Galaxy Apps option, i am unable to go back to the main Samsung Gear Manager screen. I can navigate once i am in the Samsung Galaxy Apps options perfectly fine however; when i attempt to hit the back (<) option to my main screen it doesn't do anything. I would have to kill the app and relaunch it.
    NOTE: when relaunching you Gear S3 Manager app, click on MORE on the top right. Otherwise after the app relaunching and connects to your Gear 3 it will bring you back to the Samsung Galaxy App option/page.

    Pros w/ Gear 3:
    Notifications work (Whats app, Messages etc...)
    Much Faster

    Con w/ Gear 3:
    Unable to send text message
    Feels heavier than the S2

    Well that's all i have to say about that 🙂

    1. Did u have any issue of the app crashing while it was tryin to pair with the watch? That's wat keeps happening when trying to pair my 7plus with gear s2

      1. Hey Ryan,

        Using the new Samsung Gear 3(Frontier) app, i honestly have not encountered that particular problem. Right out the box I was able to sync it. I assume since i am syncing my 7plus with the specified Samsung Gear3 app. I hope this helps.

          1. which gear watch do you connect with iphone? gear s2 or gear s3?

          2. hi, I had the same issue happen but I was able to fix it after I started the S2 in stand alone mode connect via WIFI update the firmware & then factory reset again & then try again.

          3. So how do I update the firmware over wi-fi when in standalone mode on the Verizon Gear S2 with 3G? I don't see an option to do that.

          4. to set up watch in standalone mode do this -

            to Manually update on the watch go to settings -> connections -> wifi -> set up your WIFI

            then click on settings and then I think it was device -> about -> update - sorry I don't have the watch on me. then it downloads & updates the watch. of course after all that you have to factory reset again before you try connecting to the app.

          5. I do have it in standalone mode. But there is no option in any of the settings to update the software. Maybe that feature has been eliminated from the Verizon 3G version of the watch.

          6. sorry, that is how I did it I'm sure there is a way around. BTW is was in the gear info -> about menu.

          7. There is an entry for Software Version. But it is informational only. There is nothing to act on. It shows what is already the latest version for the Verizon 3G S2.

          8. I fixed problem. I borrow one Android phone then connect my gear s2 and update it to latest version (R732XXU2EPK5). After updated to latest version, just reset and connect s2 with Manger S3.

            Watch: Samsung Gear 2 classic
            Firmware: R732XXU2EPK5
            Phone: ip7+
            App: Gear Manager S3

          9. Hey can you please send me the gear manager s3 download . the one on this site downloads gear s2 only . i dont see the download for the s3 .. [email protected] .. Thanks in advance if you can !

    2. I'm having the same issue with the app crashing while setting up. I have a Gear S2. If anyone has had issues and was able to resolve them, let me know.

          1. Yes, it is the latest version for the Verizon Gear S2 with 3G. That is R730VVRU2BPC7. If there is a later version, I am not aware of it and no mention of an update beyond that version is mentioned anywhere.

  3. why can't they leak the Gear Fit 2 app. Before all I could find was the S2 app now the S3 . what about the Gear Fit 2!! If anyone knows where I can get it, please email me at [email protected]. Been patiently waiting for months.

  4. Every time I try and connect my new gear s2 to my iPhone 7 plus the app starts connecting with the watch and then a crash log email comes up. Any help would b greatly appreciated. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it many times.

  5. Hi guys, I have a Gear S SM-R380 with the software version R380XXU0BOA2, I am also using an iPhone 6plus and I have installed the "samsung Gear s3 manager" and "android wear" on my phone, none of them allow me to use my smart watch, just the basic bluetooth connection of receiving calls with no contact information..... Do you know what should I do to have full functionality of my watch with my iPhone, I love both and I am worried that there is not information about pairing my Gear S with the iPhone ...... Thanks 🙂

  6. It keeps timing out. It's paired with Bluetooth and thru the app. But when it attempts to sync, it times out.
    Have any ideas on how to get it to work? iOS 10.2

  7. Hi, I paired Gear S2 with my iPhone 6, IOS 10.1.1 and Gear Manager S3 It works fine. The sync works too.
    I connected the gear in wifi and upgrade the firmware to R732XXU2EPK5. All works except:
    - contacts management
    - call to iphone
    - SMS answer
    - iPhone localisation (unable to ring the iPhone)
    I'm waiting impatiently the official version of Samsung because I like this watch.

  8. HW: Iphone 7, IOS 10.2, Samsung Gear S via AppStore v1.6.16121402
    HW: Gear S3 Frontier (blueteeth/wifi no LTE) model #Sm-R760, Tizen, SW Version R760XXU1APK7

    PROBLEM: no email app on the phone. calendar syncs fine. contacts sync fine. notifications come through fine. can't find email app on either the watch or phone (gear s3 app).

    1. just to follow up from samsung support:

      Chat InformationPlease wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.
      Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Sunny P'. The reference number for this chat is 4339672444.
      Sunny P: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support. How may I assist you?
      tom francen: hi Sunny P ... i just bought the samsung gear s3 frontier watch ...
      Sunny P: Hello.
      tom francen: hardware: Iphone 7, IOS 10.2, Samsung Gear S via AppStore v1.6.16121402 hardware: Gear S3 Frontier (blueteeth/wifi no LTE) model #Sm-R760, Tizen, SW Version R760XXU1APK7, serial #R5AHC06MEGW. PROBLEM: there's no email app on the phone. calendar syncs fine. contacts sync fine. notifications come through fine. can't find email app on either the watch or phone (gear s3 app).
      Sunny P: As you are using iPhone, you cannnot find e-Mail app.
      Sunny P: In Samsung phone, Samsung E-mail app (Phone app) would sync with Gear S3.
      tom francen: email on the iphone is working fine ... there's no email app on the watch
      tom francen: ok .... i'm not using a samsung or any other android based phone
      Sunny P: Unfortunately, iPhone E-mail app is not supported with Gear S3.
      Sunny P: At this point, you can try downloading different e-mail app.
      tom francen: ok ... can you show me or point me to documentation where that's stipulated? i see that calendar, contacts, notitication are supported, but can't find any reference stating that iphone email is NOT supported
      tom francen: unfortunately that's a deal breaker for me on the S3 frontier ... great smartwatch otherwise
      Sunny P: There is no document, As you are using a iOS, some of the features might not work.
      Sunny P: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
      tom francen: no apologies necessary ... however, are you staying there's no documentation as to what features may or may not work under IOS?
      tom francen: as a technical consultant, i find that hard to believe
      Sunny P: I mean, Online documents.
      tom francen: i understand why samsung pay isn't included, but see no reason why the #1 thing anybody would want to check (EMAIL) isn't included
      Sunny P: Open gear manager app
      Sunny P: Then tap on Notifications.
      Sunny P: Check if you are able to view E-mail in Notifications
      tom francen: nope, nothing related to EMAILS exists there ...
      tom francen: there is ...
      tom francen: NOTICATIONS
      tom francen: TURN ON SCREEN
      tom francen: AUT SHOW DETAILS
      tom francen: that's it
      tom francen: nothing related to EMAILS
      Sunny P: Thank you for your details.
      Sunny P: I have checked in our resources. I see that, only basic function can be used with iOS phone.
      Sunny P: Some of the features are not supported with iOS device.
      tom francen: ok ... i was going to ask what other functions don't exist and/or work, but since the deal breaker starts with not being notified of emails, i'll just stop right here
      tom francen: i appreciate your time/patience with this matter

  9. When connecting to my iPhone with the Samsung gear s2.. I got everything to sync, But what I would like to know is if I was to put my iPhone to silent.. will my Samsung gear s2 ring?


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