A Few Gear S2 users experiencing email notification problems post-update of Gear Manager

Samsung Gear Manager app has been updated to version 2.2.16101261, but some S2 users are experiencing email notification problems. Here are some workarounds
Nov 5, 2016

Recently Samsung have released a sizeable update for the Gear Manager application taking it to version 2.2.16101261. This update brings with it a brand new brighter and sleeker looking User Interface (UI), support for the new Gear S3 smartwatch, Improved stability, and bug fixes.

Unfortunately as well as trying to squash some bugs, the update seems to have brought one bug with it that is causing frustration for some users. A little gremlin that has crept in and is affecting certain email host accounts such as Office 360 and exchange server. Others report that post-update they are now receiving messages in the app highlighting them to phantom gear app updates that don't seem to exist.

Previously, you got a preview message on your Gear S2 that included the subject line, time, and date. Now affected users get a message saying it “can't show the email for security reasons”. Users of gmail and outlook email hosts appear to not be affected at the moment.

One work around that users are doing in the meanwhile is to route their affected email to gmail / outlook accounts whilst we wait for a Gear Manager update to resolve the issue.

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