Marble Duel a large Puzzle Game by Herocraft Ltd. Available on Tizen Store

Nov 13, 2016

A new game by Herocraft Ltd. named Marble Duel has been added to the Tizen Store. After iOS, Apple TV, Android & PC ,the game developers have released this game for the Tizen OS. It's a new and most attractive puzzle game.

You have to challenge a hero in all the missions and kill them by using this addictive gameplay. You will have a long chain of different colours balls on the screen and then you need a ball to smash the chain. At first you will get two different balls: Red & White. The red balls are used to kill your opponent. At least 3 balls are needed to have turned down your opponent's life.

    1. Plan your moves carefully
      • The balls that you have; you can see them and switch between the balls that you are shooting to further help your strategy.(I didn't get this)
      • The types of matches that you make different colors have different effects on the board. Although your goal is to destroy your opponent, it’s not all. You've to also to save yourself from your opponent's attacks for a good gameplay.
      • The balls that the opponent has, you can also see both of them and decide what matches to make based on that.
    2. Sabotage your opponent
      • You can easily sabotage your opponent and should do it by breaking sets of two balls when you have no match to make. The less matches the opponent makes, the faster you win the game and get your three star rating. If you can smash a long chain of balls you will get extra moves for playing or killing opponent.



    1. Purchase the upgrades smartly
      • With the earnings that you get from completing the stages, you can purchase upgrades to your stats. You can purchase life, attack, power up, defense, healing and many more.
    2. Focus on combos
      • Build your board to create combos: the more matches you make, the more moves you will get, so always try to go for these combo moves (you need at least three matches for one extra move). If no combos are available, go for the longest pair.
    3. Replay unmastered stages after upgrades
      • You might not be able to win all stages with three stars after your first play, and that’s completely natural. Keep on playing, get more crystals and after you buy a few more upgrades, get back and get the stars that you are missing. It’s the easiest and only way to do so. Just have in mind that there is no reason to replay stages that you have mastered already because you won’t win any extra rewards.



    1. Work on your side
      • Some stages have the marbles placed in such a way that one end is unreachable from your side and the other is unreachable from your opponent’s side. In this case, work on building up your side first, then sabotage your enemy with the extra balls.



  1. Eye on the shield
    • On rare occasions, your opponent will manage to get its shield to 100%, in which case it will dodge any attack from you – so always keep your eye on the shield and go for a weak attack if the opponent has it maxed out.


Game Features:


    1. Different types of balls
      • There are many types of balls available for gameplay. Though you will notified before you playing with this ball.
      • Here are the works of different types of balls
      • Red balls: Attack
      • Green balls: Increase your life
      • Blue balls: Save from opponent's attack
      • Purple balls: Increase your attack
      • And White balls, Yellow balls, Brown balls and many more balls available for many more works.



    1. Larger map
      • A large map about 7 different place or environment or missions available for this game. There are 15 or more levels under a mission or place. The 7 places are: Red forest, Swamp, Ritzville, Farm, Rosenberg, Brown's Shack and at last Witch House. Witch House is the final mission of this game.



    1. Share your score with Facebook friends
      • You can share your points with facebook friends to see who is the most powerful.


    1. Meet new characters
      • Challenge with different heros in different missions.


  1. Use magic spheres
    • In a mission the magic spheres gameplay is available. In this gameplay you're not going to get any money or points. It's just a fun or anything.

Game screenshots



This large game is available for current Tizen smartphones such as the Samsung Z1, Z2 & Z3. Hope all users will enjoy this game as it is quite differentent from other games. The game is about 130MB to download from Tizen Store. And if you install this game on your SD Card then it requires about 330 mb space to install.

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