Google owned home automation and security brand Nest has been making a name for itself with its line up of internet connected  thermostats, smoke alarms and security cameras. Although smartphones are the primary control devices for these products, smartwatches are replacing them and hence making one less reason to take out your phone from your pocket. Until now, the Nest app has been available for Android and iOS smartphones and Android Wear and Apple’s Watch OS (basically Apple Watch) based devices.


Now, the Gear for Nest app has made its for the Gear S2 and the Gear S3 smartwatches. There is also a Gear for Nest Watchface to with it. The app lets users control thermostat’s temperature and set heating and cooling temperatures and activate eco mode. You can also set the different operating modes: home and away status of Nest products.


The Samsung Gear S2 and S3’s unique rotating bezel are a testament to what would happen when art and technology blend together in perfection. The rotating bezel makes it really convenient to do most of the tasks which would be rather difficult to pull off on the small touchscreen of smartwatches. Samsung has made accessing the functionalities of the rotating bezel developer friendly thanks to its SDK. And, hence the Gear for Nest app is the latest app to make use of the bezels to Control Nest devices.