Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator makes its way to The UK

Following its annoucement at CES 2016, the Tizen based Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is now available in the UK at Currys, and John Lewis.
Nov 3, 2016

After being the talk of the town at CES 2016, Las Vegas back in January, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is now making its entry officially into the UK. Both the 550 litres and the 356 litres versions of the Refrigerators are going up for sale and are available to buy from popular retailers like Currys, and John Lewis. The 356 litres version has been priced at £2,999 while the 550 litres version has been priced at £4,499. However, Curry's are offering a £75 discount to users for a limited time (until Monday) along with five years of guarantee. Meanwhile, John Lewis has listed the 550 litres version at £4,375 but with only two years of guarantee.


With the Family Hub, Refrigerator Samsung managed to turn the space destined for fridge magnets and notes since the time consumer refrigerators came to existence into the USP of the Family Hub refrigerators. The USP we are talking about is a massive 21.5 inch full HD 1080p LCD screen mounted on the door of the fridge. This screen is what turns the Family Hub refrigerator into a 'Smart Fridge' as it runs on a Tizen based OS and comes with WiFi connectivity. This enables the refrigerator to play music, stream videos, mirror Television and even lets users shop for grocery online right from the Fridge itself. The large screen tablet continuously monitors the fridge with the help of numerous sensors and cameras embedded in the fridge, so when you're out shopping you can get a picture of the contents of your fridge sent to your phone and have a check on which stocks need to be replenished.

Smartness aside, the Family Hub Refrigerators also do their job as a refrigerator really well as they are Samsung's flagship refrigerators and boast of features such as Anti-Bacterial protection, A+ Energy rating and a Power Cut safe time of 14 hours. As of the time of writing, only Stainless Steel versions of the Refrigerators have made into the UK.

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