Samsung hopeful of Tizen to make big with Home Appliances

Nov 8, 2016

Recently we reported that Samsung are developing a version of Tizen for the IoT. With, Android and iOS having the lion's share on the smartphone business, Tizen OS for smartphones is certainly not going to earn Samsung huge numbers in terms of profit to run the Global Brand. They hence recently announced that they find Tizen's potential to go big with IoT and more specifically with Home Appliances.


Tizen is currently implement on a couple of entry level and mid range smartphones like the Z2 and Z3 respectively and these smartphones haven't been doing all well apart from India. Hence, the current alternative target devices for Tizen include wearables like Gear S2,S3 and Fit 2. These wearables have been a hit so far, however with mindset of people still backing away from accepting wearable electronics for their daily lives, the revenue generated in this market is also low in terms of Samsung's standards. Samsung's Smart TV on the other hand are currently the main target for Tizen, with Samsung promising to make every smart TV in the future to run on Tizen, the story can only get better from here.

Now, that brings us down to Home Appliances. So far, Samsung have implemented their Tizen OS into their Family HUb Refrigerators and even Washing Machines. However with the room for improvement being huge, it would certainly make sense for Samsung to bring out more Tizen based Home Appliances and hence create a Tizen ecosystem for in the future.
Seo Ki-man, a researcher at LG Economics Research Institute stated that

Tizen’s performance in the mobile ecosystem is close to a failure. However, it still has a chance in the Internet of Things -- mainly in home appliances -- because there is no dominant player in the market yet


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