Samsung Launches Tizen RT and Tizen 3.0 at SOSCON 2016

Samsung have announced Tizen 3.0 and Tizen RT, their Internet of Things IoT offering, at the Samsung Open Source Conference (SOSCON) 2016 in Seoul.
Nov 18, 2016

Samsung Open Source Conference (SOSCON) 2016 as been in full flow at the Samsung Seoul R & D Campus in Umyeon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, for the last two days. The conference saw over 2,000 open source developers discussing the Internet of Things (IoT), Tizen platform, web, big data, cloud, and also machine learning.

"The partnership is based on open source and is very important for Samsung Electronics to expand its presence as a company that focuses on software," said Cho Seung-hwan, Vice President at Samsung Software R & D Center, which opened this conference.

Samsung have announced their platform for IoT will be named Tizen RT, which is based on Tizen 3.0 and would target low-end devices that have limited memory capacity, that are found in the smarthome such as Air Conditioners (AC), robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators etc. Tizen RT was part of the new Tizen 3.0 strategy

Lee Sung-jae, Principal Engineer of Samsung Software Center was on hand to educate developers on the changing Tizen dev environment. Developers have been able to create Tizen apps using the C programming language, but now can also use C# to create native apps. We reported yesterday on Samsung joining Microsoft's .net software framework to enable .NET support for Tizen. A preview version of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen 3.0 was also released then.

The main speaker at the event was Lee Hyo-gun, vice president for Samsung Software R & D Center; Kim Yeong-yun, Vice-President representing Samsung Electronics as a board member at the Linux Foundation; Brian Behlendorf, creator of the Apache Software Foundation and Executive Director of Hyperledger Project; Kris Borchers, Executive Director of JS Foundation; Kim Young-gun, director of the Python Software Foundation; and Gary Martz, Director IoT and Connectivity Market Development at Intel.




The Source code for Tizen 3.0 and Tizen RT was apparently launched at this event. If anyone has these source links then please let us know.

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