Samsung UK delivers first batch of Gear S3 Smartwatches TODAY !

Samsung have begun delivery of their latest Tizen smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3, and customers in the UK have begun receiving them TODAY !
Nov 14, 2016

We have some pretty happy Samsung customers at the moment as the first batch of Samsung S3 smartwatches are being delivered today in the UK today. The Gear S3 initially went on pre-order from 28 October and with a stated shipping date of 11 November. The first 1,000 orders would also receive a FREE pair of Level Active headphones would proved to be a great Incentive to get purchasing and stock ran out due to the demand.

A week later stock was replenished and users could once again begin pre-ordering the device but with the same delivery date and now the first 3,000 customers would get the FREE level active headphones.

samsung-gear-s3-uk-tizenOver the weekend users started receiving shipping confirmation and devices started hitting doormats all over the UK today, much to the envy to a lot of our users in other countries. The S3 initially launched at the end of August and is available in two different looks, Gear S3 Frontier and the Gear S3 Classic which will suit different users.


The Frontier has a more rugged appeal to it while the Classic variant as the name suggests offers a classic and formal look suited for (not limited to) the corporate life. Both S3 variants feature a 1.3 inch 360x360p circular display and carry forward the rotating bezels that was a huge hit in the Gear S2. The smartwatches have an array of sensors like GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, and Altimeter embedded into them to handle all the health, tracking and monitoring services.

Check out below the first TV commercial that shows off the features of the S3.



We will have our initial hands on review and unboxing videos online for you very soon. Are you ready to order the S3 ? Head on over to the Samsung UK website.

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5 comments on “Samsung UK delivers first batch of Gear S3 Smartwatches TODAY !”

      1. It is hard for me to say as I never used S2. S3 is my first digital watch. One aspect which give S3 preference is you can make phone calls direct from watch. I was looking to get S2 previously but this feature stopped me to go for S2.

  1. Does the Frontier version in the uk have the 4g LTE? If so do you need a separate mobile /data contract?


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