Samsung is working on a version of Tizen for IoT with an ETA of early 2017

Nov 4, 2016

Samsung has been working on a Tizen Operating System profile that would suit the Internet of Things (IoT), and they could be looking at releasing it "as early as the end of this year", a source told the Korean Herald. While there are Tizen based smartphones out there in the market, it has a very long way to go before moving away from the shadows of iPhones and Android smartphones and that includes Samsung's own Galaxy range of smartphones as well.


Samsung having complete knowledge of this scenario are already looking at other options to implement Tizen. The development so far has resulted in Tizen being used for Samsung's Gear range of Wearable devices like the Gear S2,S3,Fit 2, Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerators, Samsung's Smart TVs, OBD-2 based Automobile solution and even Washing Machines.

Tizen forms a huge part of Samsung's IoT strategy that already runs on their Smart TVs which Samsung like to term it as the IoT control Hub. Now, with a Operating System for IoT devices in development Samsung have a really good chance to place Tizen as a leading platform for IoT (considering how recent IoT based devices almost brought down the internet with their poor security structure). Samsung had recently reported that all of its future devices will have wireless internet connectivity which more or less is what IoT is all about.

The report from Korean Herald also explains that Samsung will be releasing a Smart Vaccum cleaner once the Tizen for IoT project is completed. So, a Tizen based Roomba like cleaner is definitely up in the making!


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