Slender Man Chapter 2: Now available in the Tizen Store

Nov 12, 2016

Hi guys, remember the Slenderman Game Series games by Kenneth Lemieux which were released in last month in the Tizen Store? Kenneth Lemieux has also made Chapter 1 ($0.99 and free) and it is now joined by Chapter 2 for $0.99.

Previously they were added 3 games:

  1. Slenderman Chapter 1: Alone Free
  2. Slenderman Chapter 1: Alone (Rs. 65 INR)
  3. Slenderman Chapter 2: Survive (Rs. 65 INR)

Now they added a new game today named Slenderman Chapter 2: Survive Free. Though it's gameplay is same as Slenderman Chapter 1: Alone Free but it's more difficult than Chapter 1. Here, you can play this game in four different places ie. Home, Carnival, Big Forest & So Cold, you also can play in 3 different modes including Day, Night, and Day/Night.


New in Slenderman Chapter 2: Survive

There is a torch button available in gameplay. You can use the torch anytime anywhere and a run button available if you want to run quickly you can use this button also anytime & anywhere.

At the left hand side, you have your moving controls and on the left you can look around and run. You need to find 8 pages and it has an eerie background music and that sounds like wind blowing past you, the only sounds you will hear are your footsteps and the wind, this gives it a very scary atmosphere.


Game screenshots:


Slenderman Chapter 2: Survive is available in Tizen store for each Tizen based smartphones and the file is about 53 mb in Tizen Store.

You can find out more details about Slender Man and Slender Man Game Series from our previous post.

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