Samsung release their featured Speedometer App for Gear S3

Nov 29, 2016

Samsung Electronics have launched their Speedometer for Gear app that works with the Gear S3 smartwatch. This is an app that users first saw in some of Samsung's advertising ads, but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found at launch. Many users requested this app to be released and now it has.

The app uses the S3's internal GPS module to calculate your speed, track your journey, and it can even save it for your record. It can also display this information as a line graph that can show your speed plotted against time. You can also keep a note of duration and distance.


  • Unit: km/h, mile/h
  • Journey: Graph, Top speed, Average speed,Distance, Total time.




The App is available to download from the Galaxy Apps Store via the Samsung Gear Manager App. The Gear S2 is not supported as it does not have an Internal GPS.

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