Video: Samsung Pay working on LG V20 with the Gear S3, oh and Rooted Phones

Samsung Pay will work on Gear S3 and non-Samsung devices that are running Android 4.4+. Here is the LG V20 working with the S3 & it works with rooted phones
Nov 26, 2016

It has been confirmed that Samsung Pay will work on the Gear S3 and non-Samsung devices that are running Android 4.4+, which have the latest software, and S3 with the latest firmware. Today, we have a video showing Samsung Pay working on an LG V20 with the S3.

The latest Gear Manager Plugin update, which is required for Samsung Pay to work with non-Samsung devices, is currently being pushed out for the Gear Manager App. Once you have updated and launch the app you will see a Samsung Pay menu that can found under the setting tab.

You will now need to select Samsung Pay and then follow the step-by-step instructions that will prompt you to create an account, input your billing and credit/debit card details, and verify that all the Information is correct before proceeding. Once you have paired and configured everything all you need to do to launch the service is press and hold the back button. Normally there is no function assigned to this action so this is something completely new.


There have also been reports that the mobile payment service also works with rooted smartphones. We can not confirm how secure that is, as Samsung Pay uses Samsung KNOX security, but I've got a feeling Samsung will put a stop to that soon.

Another Interesting bit of Information for you is that apparently you do not have to maintain a bluetooth connection to a paired smartphone for the LTE version of the Gear S3, but for the bluetooth version you have up to 5 transactions before a re-connection is needed.

Mobile Payments have been confirmed to be working for NFC as well as MST payment terminals. I really can't wait for this service to go live in the UK now.



Check out the video below for more Info:

Correction: In the video it states that Samsung Pay does work at Gas stations but it does just not directly at the pumps. Also I don't know if Samsung Pay will work on the iPhone smartphone. Drop me an email at [email protected] if you have any news on this. Thanks.

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