Gear S3 gets WatchMaster Romanson swiss-made watch faces for its launch

Nov 12, 2016

WatchMaster, a designer group that is dedicated to designing watch faces for smartwatches, have done something quite special for the launch of the Gear S3. The company have been working with Swiss-made watch brand, Romanson, and created some watch faces that they believe are different from what we consider as the norm.

What is the difference? Most watch faces use computer generated graphics in order to create the different watch components such as the clock hands, backgrounds, digits, dials etc. These guys did something different by actually disassembling and photographing the REAL parts and then turning those images into a watch face for your smartwatch.

The have created a special collection of 11 watch faces for the Gear S3 with the hope that they are the best-matching designs for Samsung's latest Tizen based wearable device. These watchfaces are available to download at launch from Galaxy Apps.


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Do you like what Watchmaster has done ? Let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE: The special offer FREE subscription has now finished.

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