WhatsApp Messenger App Gets an Update to Version 2.16.7

Nov 15, 2016

Dear Tizen fans, today the WhatsApp developers have released an update to the app taking it to version is 2.16.7 (43513505) 8.3.42722615. The update brings some new features that have been available in Whatsapp messenger on other platforms and also some bug fixes.

The new features are

  1. Larger Emojis
    • You can now share larger emojis from old whatsapp. The emojis are 3x larger from old whatsapp.
  2. PDF & .docx file support
    • If any friends sent you any .pdf or any .dicx files you can view it fine without no problem but you can't share any .pdf or .docx files to your friends. This feature isn't unavailable at that moment.
  3. Quote Replies
    • This feature is especially useful for busy group conversations, you can reply to a particular message with this feature.
  4. Bold letters
    • You can also use bold letters in any text message. You must type a letter between two '*' to bold a text.
    • If the message is " Whatsapp Messenger app update for Tizen Os". Now you want to bold the 'Whatsapp Messenger' in this sentence. So, you need to write the sentence as "*Whatsapp Messenger* app update for Tizen Os". Now the 'Whatsapp Messenger is in bold letters.
  5. License
    • The developers are added Licenses option to the setting.
  6. More options added to invite friends to join Whatsapp.
  7. Whatsapp voice call comes more clear then ago.

This update available for all Tizen based smartphone such as Z1, Z2 & Z3. This update is 19.93MB to download in the Tizen Store.

Features currently unavailable in Tizen WhatsApp:

  1. Whatsapp Web
  2. Friend mention option in groups
  3. Mark option ( select a file for send on many groups or people )
  4. GIF, Zip and Pdf ( .docx ) share
  5. Group invitations link and
  6. Recently added Whatsapp Video Calling

Hope the developers will add these features very soon. So, keep updates with Tizen Os and Tizen Experts.


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