Start Developing Gear S3 Web Apps with this Development Webinar

Learn how to create Web Apps using the Tizen SDK / Studio using HTML5 / CSS3 / JS. Once you finish, publish your HTML5 app to the Samsung Galaxy Store
Dec 16, 2016

Samsung recently held a special 1-hour workshop that covered the main features of the Gear S3, their latest Tizen Smartwatch, and talked potential developers though how they could develop their first HTML5 Web App.

This is an Introduction to Gear S3 web app development and will take you through all the steps in creating a Heart Rate Monitor app. You don't need any previous coding experience, but it will be beneficial if you have an understanding of developing with Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

The Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) contains everything that you need for you to develop and test wearable apps. Once you've created your first app masterpiece, the next step is to get it published in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store and reach users in over 180 countries.




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