Smartphone Game: Disco Dave now on the Tizen Store

Dec 11, 2016

Disco Dave, a game that has lots of voxel graphics and characters in it, is available on the Tizen Store today. The game was created by Amused Sloth, an independent game development studio that is based in the UK, who strive to make fun games that are infused with humour, charm, and ultimately bring joy to the player.

In the game, you have to demonstrate your dancing skills by Swiping, jumping and performing great combinations whilst trying to get the highest score. You score higher points by utilising more combinations and it also allows you to unlock new characters.

The games is already available for the Android and iOS platforms and has been ported over to the Tizen mobile platform as part of the Unity competition for Tizen developers (you can see the winners and 50 early bird developers here). Disco Dave actually won the Best Kids and Family Game Award at Casual Connect in Tel Aviv 2016, so it's nice seeing it on Tizen.

“Disco Dave looks like an appealing time-waster for any high-score fanatics who want to try something new” said Rob Funnel,

“There are more than enough people out there who just want to get down on the dancefloor for a little voxel-graphic boogie.” said Emily Sowden,

“Disco Dave strives only for pure disco accuracy… This is a solid little time-waster.” said Carter Dotson,



  • Unlock the whole disco gang of characters!
  • Super cute voxel graphics
  • Perform combo streaks and make the crowd go wild Get a short & intense dance-out!
  • Relive the 70s’ on the dance floor
  • Switch from the classic neon floor to the Halloween dance floor by choosing different characters!



Grab Disco Dave from the Tizen Store. Have you played it? Let us know in the comments.

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